User Centric Product Design in the Digital Space- talk by Kathy Sierra

I have come across an interesting talk  on product design by Kathy Sierra, it’s worth looking at. She  illustrates very clearly why companies should be user centric, what it really means and how to achieve it. I liked her suggestion of a starting point for designing a product/service: write what you would like users to say about it and design from there. The aim being to create a product that will be recommended by the user. The powerful idea being to design the product for the user’s user, the user’s audience. e.g. their friends, families, colleagues, etc..

Aperçu des compagnies représentées par les 180 inscrits à la soirée French Digital Paris

Ci-dessous un aperçu rapide de certaines compagnies représentées par les inscrits à la prochaine rencontre French Digital Paris qui aura lieu le 12 Fevrier 2013. Nous espérons vous y retrouver! Contactez nous via contact@frenchdigital.com si vous désirez discuter partenariats/sponsorship d’un prochain événement French Digital Below a partial overview of the companies represented by the attendees who have registered to the next French Digital Paris meetup, taking place on the 12th of Februrary 2013. We hope to see you there! Don’t forget, if you want to collaborate/sponsor the next French Digital event, contact us on : contact@frenchdigital.com