User Centric Product Design in the Digital Space- talk by Kathy Sierra


I have come across an interesting talk  on product design by Kathy Sierra, it’s worth looking at. She  illustrates very clearly why companies should be user centric, what it really means and how to achieve it. I liked her suggestion of a starting point for designing a product/service: write what you would like users to say about it and design from there. The aim being to create a product that will be recommended by the user. The powerful idea being to design the product for the user’s user, the user’s audience. e.g. their friends, families, colleagues, etc..

Creating a Mobile Website is Easy

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to “mobilize” my personnal website with no luck until today. While trying to modify my wordpress template to make it display nicely on mobiles, I was asking for help from all the wordpress community and finally got something interesting : The whole idea behind dudamobile if to help create a mobile optimized website in 10 minutes. I’ve managed to make my website display correctly on mobile before I got this solution so I haven’t used it but it might be interesting for some of you looking for an hassle free solution to create a mobile version of their website. How does it work ? You just have to enter the url of your website and Dudamobile will convert your site to mobile, match the colors of your regular site, create thumb friendly…

What’s the future of Mobile Apps

  Every morning I take my smartphone, open the Google Current application and synchronize all my magazines in order to have something to read in the tube. Today I’ve realized that Google now links magazines by showing related articles from another newspapers and one article written by caught my attention : Future of Mobile Apps: 4 Predictions. This article is a brief summary of the study “Voice of the next –Generation Mobile Developer” conducted by Appcelerator and IDC among 5.500 developers. This study is the world largest mobile developer survey. One of the key points of this study is that 66% of the audience think “likely to very likely” that a mobile-first startup could disrupt the social applications on mobile and take Facebook market share.  Interested? A part of that, the study confirms that Apple is still the platform or…