49% of SMBs want to integrate mobile in their marketing strategy for 2013


This is what reveals the online study by Pointiflex made  among 1300 small businesses from the US  I came across on last week. If you look at the graphics below, you’ll noticed that 49% of those small businesses would likely incorporate mobile element in their marketing strategy for 2013, while 6% are sure not to integrate mobile in the next 12 months. Among the businesses already running mobile advertising, 27% claims that they will increase their budget in mobile advertising when only 4% want to decrease  their spending. You can read the full article on Marketing land.

Social Media and Marketing : Are you measuring your ROI

Good afternoon, here an interesting article I wanted to share with all the French Digital Community. This article, found on, is about Social Media and how European Marketers engaged with Social Media and actually how they try to determine the ROI produced  from their efforts. Based on a survey conducted in Europe in 2012 among a bunch of marketers, Neolane showed that 57% of the European marketers still don’t think of Social Media as a way to acquire, qualify customers or generate sales, but more in terms of a develop their brand awarness, build a community , create a buzz or generate traffic to their website. Below a graphical summary of the study results and here the full article. You can also check the Neolane website to read some interesting case studies.          

How to generate mobile app download

Last week was my first French Digital event which was quite exiting I have to admit. I didn’t stay long but I had the opportunity to talk about various domain, from web analytics to a topic which currently drive a lot a attention: mobile app download and mobile advertising. On my way home I’ve found an interesting article written by Gilad de Vries, vice president at Outbrain, about mobile advertising and more precisely about  how earned media could drive mobile app download. The article starts with a  funny anecdote that you might have already seen : a QR code in the middle of a mobile app display. It’s true that most of the professsional have one personnal and company smartphone, but still, are we supposed to read the QR code with one smartphone in the right hand trying to take…