We had the opportunity to talk to Nathan Guetta, Director of Marketing and Operations at Samsung Europe.

French Digital: where are you based? and why. Give us your elevator pitch.

I have been living in London for more than 5 years now. I came here after launching Dailymotion to expand my knowledge in Mobile. I joined Vodafone where I lead product development for their Content Services business worldwide and currently doing the same at Samsung where I also look over the marketing part for Europe.

Consider me as an Internet Services Expert who has launched many services over the years whether on the web or mobile with a strong specialization in Content Services (Video, Music, Publishing, Apps).

FD: What is the most interesting trend/ areas in digital at the moment?

Internet of Things is a very interesting trend and the potential of creating services on top are limitless. Samsung announced that they will have the majority of their hardware IoT ready by 2020. When you look at their product line-up, limitless is the word.

Another trend that I find fantastic is the move to context-awareness actions. Being pushed on your smartphones the relevant bit of news depending on where you are, the time it takes to get to your next meeting, etc. I finally feel that we are entering in the 21th century.

FD: What is the biggest challenge you are currently facing in digital?

In an industry where everything goes so fast, with strong incumbents, the biggest challenge I’m faced with is to find the right propositions to market which are going to be unique, differentiated and will get customer’s attention.

FD: As part of your role what other cities are you involved in? What do you do in these other cities?

I cannot really disclose the cities that I am involved in. As I have an European remit, what I can say is that Berlin has an incredible start-up ecosystem and that Paris is still a great place to innovate with top class engineers.

FD: What is the most notable difference from your perspective between working with/in the UK and France

The UK is a real international hub compared to France. So you have to be more culturally sensitive. Don’t be too French is my recommendation, try to tune it down and pay real attention of what is being said in a meeting before expressing a direct opinion.

FD: Any digital startups/ apps you are particularly interested in at the moment?

La Ruche qui dit oui for their take on disrupting the traditional food chain, Velocity for not having to wait hours for the waiter to pay your bill and Zipjet for not having to wait days to get your laundry cleaned.

FD: Any left field source of information?

My curated twitter feed. I find content on Medium of really high quality too.

FD: Your next city /next country if any?

I am a citizen of the world.

FD: Preferred restaurant/bar in the place you are based in?

Any of the Soho House establishment for their consistency in an always gorgeous setting.

FD: Who should be the next person we interview?
Emmanuelle Henry, Samsung