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A study shows that content Popularity Impacts User Behavior On Facebook, Twitter & Google+


According SurveyMonkey which has conducted a survey which shows that the popularity of content on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ impacts the likelihood it will be read. The survey has been made on 629 participants using the following methodology : 374 were given a survey where they were asked how likely they would read an article on Facebook if it  already had 451 Likes. 255 were given a survey asking how likely they will  read an article which had only 11 Likes. The survey answers showed that people were most likely to read an article with a higher number of Likes on Facebook. The same survey was conducted for Twitter and Google Plus with the below results.    

Social Media and Marketing : Are you measuring your ROI

Good afternoon, here an interesting article I wanted to share with all the French Digital Community. This article, found on, is about Social Media and how European Marketers engaged with Social Media and actually how they try to determine the ROI produced  from their efforts. Based on a survey conducted in Europe in 2012 among a bunch of marketers, Neolane showed that 57% of the European marketers still don’t think of Social Media as a way to acquire, qualify customers or generate sales, but more in terms of a develop their brand awarness, build a community , create a buzz or generate traffic to their website. Below a graphical summary of the study results and here the full article. You can also check the Neolane website to read some interesting case studies.