Parisian start-ups say “hello” to the London ecosystem

On Monday 28 May, 10 innovative French start-ups came to London to meet with investors and entrepreneurs, and to pitch at the Digital Shoreditch festival.

The first session in the day-long event looked at UK-based investors’ perception of French start-ups – most have seldom bothered to invest there. “Last year, I had a deal flow of several thousand start-ups”, said Stefan Glaenzer, founder of Passion Capital. “Of those, I only saw two based in France”. This is partly because French start-ups lack the reflex of seeking foreign investment. But France’s public investment in start-ups also has the effect of ‘crowding out’ external investors: as Sitar Teli from Doughty Hanson explained, “they will offer terms to start-ups at valuations that are way too high and start-ups will – justifiably – accept our funds only if we match that valuation.”